Formation of Earth

A Scientific Anomoly?

It is beleived that the earth is 4.54 billion years old. .Scientists beleive that the Proto-Earth grew through the process of accretion(process in which the size of something gradually increases by steady addition of smaller parts.) Once the inside of the forming planet reached a high enough temperature it melted down the siderophile metals into a liquid. As these denser materials sunk into the center of the planet,  Mantle convection, which is the reason behind plate techtonics, started the system of the first continents being formed. It is assumed that the land on earth is made of  basaltic composition. Its beleived that the formation of Earth and Mars are very similar. It is through this that the first continents came to be.  You can follow this link to a page desccribing the scientific theroy on creation of the planet and all parts of it:

A Divine Creation?

It is beleived in the hebrew/christian religions that God Himself created the earth, not a series of scientific flukes. this is a link to a passage from the Old Testimate; Genesis 1:3
The Bible offers no detailed scientific explanation on how Earth was created. The bible simply states that their was nothing, and then by The Lord's will all came to be.

War of Beliefs

Through science humans strongly beleive they know that no higher being simply created Earth from will. Some would say that the theroy disproved religion. Many christians beleive that most people refuse to accept the existance of a higher being thy can never comprehend. Both sides have a measure of validity to their argument.

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